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White Glove Cleaning Checklist

Remove shower curtains and liner
Clean  tub and tub walls
Put bath rug in washing machine
Use brush to clean grout
Wash walls from top (ceiling) to bottom and floor of tub or shower.  Rinse with cup.
Clean in and around fixtures with a toothbrush.  Rinse with cup & hot water and dry.
Replace shower curtain and put on new liner (client supplied)
Remove all items from vanity.  Clean inside and outside
Clean inside of medicine cabinet including shelves
Clean mirrors with glass cleaner.
Dust light bulbs, polish light fixture and replace burned out light bulbs (client supplied)
Place soap in paper: one on tub ledge and one on sink by faucet (client provides)
Wash outside of tank, bowl and base with sanitizer
Scrub detail (seat hinges, base nuts and fasteners) with toothbrush and rinse
Clean and polish all chrome including pipes
Remove fingerprints, stains, spatters and crud from walls and woodwork
Wash floor and baseboards.  Replace rugs after they have been laundered.
Wash bedspreads and blankets
Dust with high duster all corners of the room
Clean all the baseboards, door and window frames and wood work
Clean mirrors, picture frames with glass cleaner.  Clean lamp bases
Clean lamp bases and wipe down lamp cords all the way to the socket
Wash windows and clean out tracks.
Dust picture frames, light bulbs and knick-knacks.  Brush all lampshades with Wisk broom.
Dust bed frame and headboard
Polish bedroom furniture.  
Wipe out dressers and end tables drawers with damp rag, & replace drawer liners
Clean inside of closet.  Dust racks, arrange hangers.
Go along edge of carpet and corners with Wisk broom
Vacuum entire room including under bed, inside closet, and ceiling

Move furniture to the center of the room.  Vacuum edges of carpets, corners and under vents.
Wash all marks off woodwork, baseboards.  Dust louver doors.  Wash walls if needed.
Dust window frames, pictures, light bulbs and knick-knacks with damp rag.
Brush lampshades.
Wash all windows, sliders and tracks, vinyl window blinds.
Clean all A/C unit including knobs and make note of condition of filter.
Polish any chrome furniture
Clean all surfaces of furniture with appropriate cleaner.  Polish all wood furniture.
Chandeliers globes must be washed in warm sudsy water, rinse and air dry on paper towel.
Vacuum couch & chairs completely, including cushions, underneath, top, front, and backside.
Replace furniture and vacuum center of room as usual.
Identify carpet condition:  ________________________________

Clean all patio furniture.  Sweep patio.
Check condition of BBQ grates and clean out grill.  Replace grate if necessary.

Wash all glassware, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, bakeware, utensiles, etc.
Set aside any dishes, pans or utensiles that will have to be replaced.
Wash all cabinets and drawers inside and out, walls, shelves, doors, etc.
Dry and polish off spots on all silverware, cooking utensils, pots, pans, covers, and bowls.

Remove and clean outer fan filter under exhaust hood and light bulb
Remove drip pans and clean with Brillo.  Wipe out any crumbs or dust.
Remove and clean stove switches.  Clean broiler pan, things stored in drawer, clean drawer.
Clean all surfaces on stove and polish all chrome including bottom drawer
Read instructions before activating self-cleaning ovens.  Clean oven.

Wash ice trays, all shelves, bins and containers in warm soapy water only.
Clean freezer and all surfaces of refrigerator box and doors with mild soapy water.
Scrub rubber gaskets around doors, get deep into the grooves removing mold and mildew w/bleach
Remove and clean grid plate near floor and clean out overflow tray.
Clean outside top and sides.  Polish all chrome surfaces.
Pull out refrigerator from wall.  Wash wall and floor behind.  Push refrigerator back

Disassemble and clean all parts of surface with mild detergents.
Run carafe, filter, and lid through dishwasher.  Clean counter before placing back.

Clean entirely.  Clean tray.  Polish all chrome.  Clean counter under microwave.

Empty the inside of all crumbs, clean trap door.  Polish with chrome cleaner

Clean inside, clean soap door, remove items caught in trap

Clean lint traps in both
Clean all outside surfaces with degreaser, including the top of dryer.
Clean underneath rubber gaskets in dryer.
Clean closet area.  Wash floor. Check for spider webs

Wash and buff all counter surfaces with all-purpose cleaner.  
Polish door fronts and counter tops

Wash, making sure to clean kick plates and vents.
Clean phone

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