HUG Services LLC. - "Helping Us Graduate"

We work very hard to provide the highest level of service to every client... every time! We currently have a 93% customer retention and satisfaction rating. We provide service for over 200 Appointments per month and we are growing. 

We are a service business, we work very hard to ensure that all employees are trained, comply with our company policies, and are consistent. Please keep in mind that each employee is still a person, they have good days, bad days, and sometimes they may get sick, have a car break down, or other event. 

The company wants each person to be perfect every day, but as a human she understands that is not in any way possible. 

We offer our service guarantee to provide a way to help when there are issues with the service that is provided. We also believe that sometimes a person just had the wrong provider sent to them - personalities do matter.

In order to qualify for our service guarantee you must pay for your service the day of booking, if we do not receive payment we can not send someone out to reclean. We do not ever want to send any clients account to collections, so we ask that you please pay on the day of service. We will always honor our guarantee, we may ask that a manager come out and visit so that we are able to understand for training purposes what went wrong, but we will take care of the problems.

The complaints that most new customers have about their last company or cleaner is dependability and professionalism. Our company has a zero tolerance policy for employee's who are not dependable or professional. 

We do not expect any person to be perfect, we know our providers can and will make mistakes when cleaning... we do not like it and train to prevent it... but it will happen.

Please give us the opportunity to work and find the best solution to keep you as a customer and provide you with the service you expect.

The owner does all she can to keep the rates we charge as low as possible, but we must keep the lights on. 
Our staff:
This company conducts background checks and does random drug testing on our providers. Each provider must follow our company policies and procedures. We must protect our clients. 

If a provider fails to meet this companies standards we do let them go. This ensures that we have the best people on our staff.

 You may get to know your provider, you may believe your provider is the greatest... however if that provider is not following our guidelines they can not be kept with the company. 

Some clients get upset when this happens, please understand - we are protecting you. We can not tell you why a provider has been let go, but please understand that when we have to let them go there is a VERY good reason for it, and we are protecting you. 

We ask that you trust management and that you understand that we want to keep our people, however... we will not allow anyone to stay with our company who fails a drug test, has attendance issues, is disrespectful, commits a crime, discriminates, creates a hostile work environment, or fails to obey our policies and procedures.

We are a professional company and expect each staff member to represent our company.

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