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How many hours do I book?
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HUG SERVICES BOOKING CALCULATOR © Please keep in mind that this is a short version of the calculator that we use. This will give you a general idea, but is not identical to what is used when we book.

We do our very best to accommodate each client, this includes cleaning only rooms in the home, concentrating on one floor one week another floor the next week... all to ensure we are able to work within your budget, however please keep in mind our housekeepers are employees - they are covered by unemployment, workers compensation, uniformed, drug tested, and background checked. This is to protect you - The consumer.  Our prices reflect our ability to protect you.

This calculator will provide a time based on economy cleaning only and is for informational purposes only. Our office uses a much more detailed calculator to allow for a customized quote.  

Step 1: Place number of rooms on chart
Step 2: Multiply room by minutes to clean for time.
Step 3: Add all total time together.
Step 4: Divide total time by 60.

The result is the number of hours you should book for economy cleaning.

This chart is for an average home in good condition. 

All quotes for Traditional, Move out, White Glove and ALL FIRST TIME CLEANINGS must be quoted by our office to ensure adequate time for the cleaning.  

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